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What makes us different?

Our Process

Everything we do is done in-house. From designs & renderings, hand selecting materials, paint & finish, to install - the entire job is completed by us with no outsourcing. What does this mean for you? It means we control the quality from start to finish without relying on anyone else's standard. 

Our Materials

We source only the highest grade domestic plywoods available. All of our sheet goods and hardwoods are sourced locally and hand selected for every job. We take the time to make sure the materials for your build meet our standard before we even start.

Our Communication

We strive for excellence in all aspects, including communication throughout your project. We hear horror stories time and time again from clients who had an unfortunate past experience with a contractor. Our goal is to never leave you wondering whats happening with your project. Wether its updating you on your place on the build list, sending some pictures of the build progress, or advising of a projected install date in advance, we cant stress enough how important communication is to us, and we know its important to you!

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to our craft. We are dedicated to the finest finish achievable. And we are dedicated to excellent customer service. We are not afraid to go above and beyond to make your dream a reality. 

Our Faith

While we are passionate about our craft, we are also passionate about building this business in the name of Jesus. Everything we do is to glorify God. "Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will succeed" -Proverbs 16:3

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