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Rift White Oak Micro Shaker Cabinet Doors - Lake Mary, FL

interesting story with this one... The client came to us defeated stating that "no one can make rift white oak micro shaker cabinet doors". She had talked to multiple companies and was unable to find anyone that could do it! She even stated that the expression she got from some of them when she asked for "rift", told her that they had never even heard of what rift sawn was, or even stated that they couldnt get it! Long story short, we created a mockup door for her utilizing locally sourced rift cut white oak hardwood that we milled down to 1"x1" square stock, as well as sourced domestic 3/4" rift sawn white oak plywood. We finished the mockup door with 2 coats of ICRO clear sealer and 1 top coat of ICRO natural clear in a #0 sheen for a factory feel and natural look. The client fell in love and we were immediately awarded the job.

What do you think about these rift white oak micro shaker cabinet doors that we built in Lake Mary, FL?

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